Effective September 1, 2015

                    After 21 years of sharing office space at the historic California Fruit Building, Eric and Joe have decided to relocate their individual law practices.   This decision will allow them to continue to serve both new and existing clients, but takes into account the changing downtown parking situation that is being impacted by the construction phase of the new Sacramento Kings Arena.

Eric will be opening new offices at 2725 Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento.  Joe is considering several alternative new locations but will remain in the Fruit Building located at 1006 4th Street, Suite 220 for now.

Eric and Joe remain close personal friends and will continue to share their common phone number and this website until further notice.

If you want to contact Eric Hintz, please call his new office number (916) 504-4979 or reach him directly at (916) 802-5979.  His new website is Law Offices of Eric H. Hintz